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Synethia Davison posted Reporting terms

Our reporting terms are not showing up In our teachers' gradebooks. We are wondering if we missed a step along the way. Please help!

Wed, Aug 21 at 12:58PM (0 comments)

Joshua Cummins posted Students without pictures

Is there a way to get a list of students who do not have pictures in powerschool

Kristi Gross: Type "photoflag= " into the search field. That will pull them.
Katie Johnstonbaugh: That actually doesn't always work Joshua. It only works if you reset the photoflag field to blank before you import your photos...we just dealt with this.
Kelly Zura: If photoflag doesn't work for you, try the following. Grab a group of students and use the List Students functions. Include studentphoto and photoflag as field columns. This will allow you to see any discrepancies between the photoflag field and the ... [read more]

Wed, Apr 24 at 6:57AM (3 comments)

Rafael Nogueira posted Reportworks Teacher Name

Hi, Can I have the contact of the Reportworks 2 and 3 trainer? Is there someone that have his contact? Thanks!!

Nancy Hoffman: Hi, It is James House james.house@pearson.com

Fri, Mar 15 at 10:21AM (1 comment)

Joshua Cummins posted Ipad Teacher accounts bad pw

When my teachers try to login using the Ipad app app, it says theyre user and password is incorrect. Any reason why this would happen specifically with the app?

Greg Boettger: I think we found out that the app is case sensitive unlike PowerTeacher. May want to try that out and see if it works.

Sun, Mar 10 at 11:32AM (1 comment)

Geoff Lilley left a note for Alan Bone


First of all, thanks for the comment; loved the "first-time caller."

I'd go with the Excel 2010 Bible, if I were you. It's not going to match word-for-word, but the principality of it is applicable. And don't forget Guy Hart-Davis has Learn Excel 2011 for the Mac, as well.


Fri, Mar 8 at 11:29AM

Alan Bone left a note for Geoff Lilley

Hey Geoff! Longtime listener, first-time caller. Attended sessions last week at PSU and you mentioned Excel Bible. Since there isn't one for Mac Excel 2011, do you consider the 2010 or 2013 versions suitable for a Mac user? Thanks!

Thu, Mar 7 at 12:02PM

Rosa Olmos Garner posted I'm dense!

Ok, I'm willing to put myself out there! I have gone to PSU link and downloaded the curriculum materials. I can't find the materials that were in the book. I had them on the iPad (loaner) but would like an electronic copy. I thought I had emailed them to myself... not so and I already turned the iPad in. I find the power point slides and the exercises folder but not the material printed on the book. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing? I just wan... [read more]

Lawrence Gray: URL for curriculum: https://powersource.pearsonschoolsystems.com/psu/mypsu/event/curriculum/main.action?registration.id=4223 Since the URL has the reg id, it may not work, but should get you close.
John Dunleavy: Another good epub reader is Calibre http://calibre-ebook.com/download
Amy Cox: Hi Rosa, If you are looking for a soft copy of the book that was on your iPad, you should be able to download that from your 'My PSU' page. You click on Curriculum, then go to the Computer Download option. Once you have unzipped the file, the entire ... [read more]

Wed, Mar 6 at 3:15PM (6 comments)

Yutaka Hitomi posted Report Works vs Object Reports

What are the pros and cons of Report Works vs. Object Reports?

Jim House: Hello Yutaka, Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages between the two. With Object Report pros, you can: add student and staff photos. use Data Access Tags. report on the Log Entries table. place items in very specific spots, like specific ... [read more]

Wed, Mar 6 at 10:57AM (1 comment)

Hetal Patel left a note for Heidi Jo West

Hello Heidi,
Thanks for your help in Object Reports Lab.Finally the coordinates are working for the report.

Tue, Mar 5 at 5:59PM

Michelle Longo left a note for Ross Abels

So nice to meet you!! You were such a big help during the week :-D

Tue, Mar 5 at 3:36PM

karen boudreau posted SQL Attendance query - thurs morning

here ya go. --having count(cc.id) > 4 Select s.lastfirst, s.grade_level, s.gender, a.schoolid, ROUND(count(CASE WHEN cc.expression like '1%' THEN 1 ELSE NULL END),2) AS P1, ROUND(count(CASE WHEN cc.expression like '2%' THEN 1 ELSE NULL END),2) AS P2 from students s join cc on s.id=cc.studentid join attendance a on (cc.id=a.ccid and s.id=a.studentid and s.schoolid=a.schoolid) join attendance_code ac on ac.id = a.attendance_codeid where s.grade_lev... [read more]

Mon, Mar 4 at 2:47PM (1 comment)

Carolyn Wylie posted Customizing a PowerTeacher page

I need help. I want to customize the page in PowerTeacher that displays the student's phone number (where you can click on the phone number and it enlarges on the screen). I want to edit that field so that it's pulling from a different field. I have experience customizing existing pages. I think the only problem I have is trying to find out the name of that page. Can anyone help me? Thanks! Carolyn Wylie

Brian Andle: Carolyn, that sounds like it's in the Gradebook which isn't customizable. :( If you mean the page in the PT Backpack then thats \teachers\studentpages\demo.html

Mon, Mar 4 at 1:39PM (1 comment)

I switched classes since my trainer said the class would be for novices. So I attended SQL 1 with Karen Boudreau, but I couldn't take the survey because the class was full online. This class has been the most helpful and most entertaining class so far! Thanks Karen! I recommend that PS beginners and intermediate users take SQL 1. With Karen if possible.

Yutaka Hitomi: Wednesday afternoon
Kelly Jones: Hi Yutaka, you should now have access to complete the survey for the SQL 1 class that you took on Wednesday afternoon.
Yutaka Hitomi: Thanks, I just copied and pasted what I wrote above, since I figured that was an accurate representation of what I felt right after I took the class.

Mon, Mar 4 at 11:00AM (4 comments)

Josh Graham posted Tips & Tricks - ExcelGeoff

Best tip I have is take Geoff's Excel classes, his loud voice, energy and jokes will keep you awake . . . . and you will learn a lot about Excel.

Teresa Osborn: Agree!!!
Geoff Lilley: Thanks, Josh. I really appreciate comments like that. Cheers Geoff
Nancy Hoffman: I agree, all Geoff's classes were excellent, and I learned a lot!

Mon, Mar 4 at 10:39AM (3 comments)

Yutaka Hitomi posted Dummy Server

As we go home and want to review course material, is there a dummy server we can play with?

Jason Jones: PowerSource has a tutorial on how to do it yourself. https://powersource.pearsonschoolsystems.com/article/64609
Yutaka Hitomi: thanks, but for some reason I cannot access that article.
Romy Backus: Yutaka, that article on PowerSource is only accessible to technical contacts, so if you can't see it that's probably why. The person to talk to about the feasibility of setting up a a test server is a) whoever manages servers/systems at your school o... [read more]

Fri, Mar 1 at 10:01PM (5 comments)

Erin Fishell left a note for Monica Fiallo

It was nice meeting you as well. I look forward to working with you more in the future. I hope you had a good trip home!

Fri, Mar 1 at 7:31PM

Muy Sun left a note for Monica Fiallo

It was nice meeting you too, good luck with your report cards!

Thu, Feb 28 at 10:45PM

Rafael Nogueira left a note for Monica Fiallo

It was a pleasure to meet you. Have a nice flight to New Orleans.

Thu, Feb 28 at 10:17PM

Monica Fiallo left a note for Erin Fishell

Glad we exchanged contact info. I'll be in touch!

Thu, Feb 28 at 9:41PM

Monica Fiallo left a note for Rafael Nogueira

Have a safe flight back to Brazil!

Thu, Feb 28 at 9:40PM

Monica Fiallo left a note for Muy Sun

It was really nice to finally meet you!

Thu, Feb 28 at 9:39PM

Pat Krecsy posted SQL1 and SQL2

If you haven't taken Karen's courses you are totally missing out. I knew nothing about SQL before I walked in and came out feeling comfortable about going home and pulling data. Thanks so much Karen, you are awesome!

Rebecca Osleger: She is the SQL woman - haven't taken a better SQL class...

Thu, Feb 28 at 3:50PM (1 comment)

Robert Levesque posted EOY - Clear activities

There was a women in my Prepping for EOY class that wanted to know if there was a way to check all of the activities. I don't know her name so I will post it here. This modification to the clearactivities.html file will add two links, one to check all and one to uncheck all activities. Handy if you have a trillion and one clubs. It's not super clean and in jquery like I would want but its pretty quick and dirty and will do the job. Enjoy.

Brian Andle: Nicely done
Muy Sun: That was me, thanks! :)

Thu, Feb 28 at 2:37PM (2 comments)

Joshua Cummins posted Help with codes and Quick Export

I am using the following 2 codes for quick expoting potential and earned credits. ^(*credit_hours) and ^(*potential_credit_hours) which pulls up all the credits and potential. What can I add to the code to make it Term specific.

Joshua Cummins: I know the term we want to pull from is 2201, but dont know how to make sure the credits earned and potential credits are just for that term.
Katrina Bartoszak: When are you free? if you find me before we all leave I can give you a wicked quick lesson on SQL and give you a code that will let you show all of that info. SELECT s.lastfirst, s.grade_level, sg.course_name, sg.EarnedCrHrs, sg.PotentialCrHrs FROM s... [read more]
Joshua Cummins: That would be awesome Are you eating lunch here or leaving before that? If your here for lunch we could meett out side that big room?

Thu, Feb 28 at 9:37AM (3 comments)

To the gal I was helping last night at Customization Lab, sorry I didn't catch your name - did you also manually upload the .swf file in \downloadify\media into CPM? That might be the issue.

Thu, Feb 28 at 8:33AM (0 comments)

A pair of women's khaki (stone color) pants were lost during last evening's cruise. They were left on a chair when we went outside and were gone when we returned (along with our drinks!) Call my cell, 781-727-0365, if you found them. thanks, Lawrence Gray

Robert Levesque: The more pressing issue is how were a pair of pants lost on the cruise? What did I miss....?

Thu, Feb 28 at 8:26AM (1 comment)

We will be opening two new positions this summer (FTE) Check out our company website www.exed.net 1)Data Manager / PowerSchool Will be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the data and making updates to PowerSchool and other Systems. Reporting to the CDE and LAUSD. Managing a group of data clerks that will work daily on entering and correcting data. PowerSchool experience State Reporting 2) Data Analyst / PowerSchool admin: a. Data scrubb... [read more]

Thu, Feb 28 at 7:15AM (0 comments)

Clarification - Assignment scores are not calculated from the standards (yet - look for this enhancement in the fall release). **still left to right calculations***

Thu, Feb 28 at 6:19AM (0 comments)

Julie Bischoff posted Grades Distribution Report

After much discussion on how to get a LETTER grade distribution report for Administration when your district uses percentages only, I was told that there was not a simple solution other than Object Reports. I played around with the Grades Distribution Report and finally came up with the trick! If your school uses percentages for grades, you can still print a grade distribution report for Administration listing how many A's, B's, C's, D's, and F's... [read more]

Wed, Feb 27 at 9:57PM (0 comments)

I know there is something about your favourite (this is correct spelling in Canada) instructor story.....where do I find that?

Amy Cox: You post it in the Pearson K-12 Technology Group on LinkedIn. Here you go: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=4039665 and can't wait to read it!

Wed, Feb 27 at 7:13PM (1 comment)

Gina Jasmine left a note for Muy Sun

I'm going to Seaport Village tonight. I will catch up with you in the morning to share my calculators.

Wed, Feb 27 at 4:45PM